Light Plot
Name: Randy Bobish
School: Academy of Performing Arts
Subject: Technical Theatre
Classroom/Bldg.: APA-214 & Blackbox
Phone Ext: 716


Creating theatre is an intensely collaborative endeavor that draws upon a wide variety of crafts from the “Creatives” such as playwrights, directors, composers, actors, and DESIGNERS – to the producers, press agents, lawyers, STAGEHANDS and STAGE MANAGERS…and more!

Theatre is the ultimate team endeavor and its study the epitome of “Project Based Learning”.

A live production is our project and its realization requires the concerted effort of this diverse array of professionals.

Each one of these professions requires mastery of its own extensive body of knowledge and skills.

However, being a THEATRE PROFESSIONAL in any capacity means to possess a great depth of knowledge and skill in not only your particular area – but to also have a substantial grasp of all the others.

In Technical Theatre we will explore all facets of live theatrical production with particular emphasis on stage management and, of course, the design and implementation of scenery, lighting, costumes, and sound.