Name: Dr. Andrew Colasanti
School: AIT / UCTech
Subject: Biology
Classroom/Bldg.: AIT 605
Phone Ext: x428
Extra help available during co-curricular or after school with appointment.
I will be teaching freshman Biology during the 2016-2017 school year.  
I am an Alternate Route teacher, meaning I didn't major in education as an undergraduate but followed a traditional science curriculum.  I completed my undergraduate studies at the University of Rochester majoring in Chemical Engineering.  I attended Rutgers University for my graduate studies and received a PhD in Molecular Biology with a focus on Computational Biophysics.  In addition to my academic studies I have worked in both the software and pharmaceutical industries.  
I love teaching and learning and am excited to bring this passion to the UCVTS.  In addition to teaching withing the UCVTS system, I have four years experience teaching both biology and chemistry courses at Essex County College as well as graduate course sections at Rutgers. 

All freshman biology students use Google Classroom for assignments, information, and collaboration.  Google classroom is only accessible with a UCVTS account.
2016-2017 Class Policy available for download
2016-2017 Lab Schedule
Lab is mandatory and meets during 5th-period each week according to the following schedule
Monday - A 3/4 Class 
Tuesday - A 1/2 Class
Wednesday - A 7/8 Class
Thursday - B 1/2 Class
Friday - B 3/4 Class