Oil Painting, Wildwood Crest, NJ 2011
personal logo design  
School: UCCTI
Subject: Graphic Design
Classroom/Bldg.: 307 West Hall
Phone: 908.889.8288 Ext: 359
Email: sferretti@ucvts.org
ART is an important part of the education of the growing individual. It allows every student the potential to increase positive attitudes towards self, peers, and the environment through creative experiences. As an art educator, I want to inspire my students, helping them grow as individuals, strengthening their self-esteem and building their self-confidence. The design process also fosters both creative and critical thinking. Having worked in the graphic design industry for many years, I will extend my graphic design knowledge to help students learn to communicate visually, express feelings, and respect the values, attitudes, and opinions of others.
Student FONT POSTER Designs: 
Austin Chelsea Danny Davan Dio Stef Jaseir Stan Ghaniyah Kelvin Ramzi Richard Wayne Font Poster Tameer Shamika Renato