Name: Gladys N. Avena
School: AIT 
Subject: Spanish & Linguistics
AIT Yearbook Manager
AIT Mentor Chair 
Classroom/Bldg.:  513A / Bistocchi Hall
Phone Ext: 419
Please visit Google Classroom where you will find assignments, resources, and other useful materials for Spanish 2 and Linguistics class. 
     flags                            world                      Linguistics map

Please see the attached 2016-2017 Grading Policies for supplies needed: 
Google Classroom:  Course information, including assignments, homework, test and quiz schedules will be posted on your students Google Classroom page.  Parents who wish to have access to Google Classroom must sign in using their student's UCVTS account.
Extra Help:  I am available on Fridays during period 6, Co-Curricular, Room 513A,
                      7:30 am and after school by appointment. 
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