Mr. Brooks I
Name: Jonathan Brooks  
School: AIT/UC Tech
Subject: Health and Physical Education
Classroom/Bldg.: Bistocchi Hall room 403A
Phone Ext: 908-889-8288 ext. 434
Office Hours: A Days 8:00-9:15 B Days 12:00-1:15 
Amazingly we are already at the half way point of the school year.
For marking period III all of my B day classes will be doing Project Adventure, students are still expected to change in to appropriate gym attire for all of the marking period except for the climbing portion, blue jeans or similar material has been found to be the preferred clothing to climb in.
My A day classes will be doing Health during the third marking period.  All juniors will be learning CPR/AED and First Aid and upon successful completion of the course will earn a certification from the American Red Cross.  My Freshman class will be learning about substance abuse and all aspects of human relationships.
Assignments, announcements and reminders will be posted regularly on google classroom. 
Let's have an awesome 2016-2017 school year. 
Mr. Brooks

MP I    Sports

MP II   A Days Project Adventure B Days Health

MP III A Days Health B Days Project Adventure

MP IV Fitness Center

Current Assignments

    There are no current assignments.

Past Due Assignments

    There are no past due assignments.

1.  Appropriate sports attire; sneakers, shorts or sweatpants, t-shirts or sweatshirts. Please remember that your fitness attire must also meet the appropriate school dress code.

2.  A lock to protect your valuables while in fitness class.

3.  For health class a notebook and pens or pencil