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NameAmy Burke
School AIT
Subject: English 1, AP English
Classroom/Bldg.: 600 Bistocchi Hall
Phone Ext 426
Email: aburke@ucvts.org
Google Classroom Codes
   Freshmen:   5wxg92q
   Seniors:   0lic4sy

Welcome Freshmen, Seniors, and Parents,

  I will be posting assignments for Freshmen in two places:  here at my class page and in Google Classroom.
Senior AP Lit. assignments will be posted only in Google Classroom.
Access codes for Google Classroom are 5wxg92q for freshmen and 0lic4sy for seniors.
Please--parents and students--check Power School frequently to monitor grades.  If you did not receive or have misplaced your login information, contact the guidance office @ 908-889-8288 ext. 400.  If you need help navigating Power School, the "Web Portal--Getting Started Guide" can be accessed through the school website.  Click on the Virtual Backpack tab at the top of the page and open "Printable Back to School Information."
 Resources for Students and Parents  (Scroll Down for Supply List)
Grammar and MLA Formatting Guidelines:  Purdue University Online Writing Lab
Free ebooks:  Project Gutenberg
Free ebooks and audiobooks:  ElibraryNJ
Greetings Youngsters! 
First, a reminder to read your summer books carefully--
  • Freshmen should read The Hobbit and one other book (your choice) off the list.   If you read The Count of Monte Cristo, read the abridged version.
  • Seniors enrolled in AP should read Midnight's Children, by Salman Rushdie, and Tess of the d'Urbervilles, by Thomas Hardy.
Reading the Sparknotes, Bookrags, Barron's Booknotes, Cliff's Notes or any other notes alone will not help much with the tests, nor will watching the movies.  
You are welcome to do both in addition to reading the assigned books.
Regarding supplies, I ask that everyone keep a three-ring binder which will be devoted exclusively to English and that you maintain an adequate supply of loose leaf paper.* 
All hand-written assignments must be completed on loose leaf paper, in blue or black ink, so please plan accordingly.   Assignments submitted on paper torn from a spiral notebook 
will not be accepted.  You may complete the assignment on spiral paper and then trim the fringe off with scissors, but this is a pain and the little pieces get all over the floor, 
so it's easier just to use loose leaf.  
You will need to cover all of your books.  A brown paper bag will suffice, but if you prefer book socks, get one for every subject.
Wishing you a happy summer
Ms. Burke
*I understand that my colleagues are probably demanding that you keep a separate binder for their classes as well.  While this may seem like a lot of binders, 
this approach has proved successful over time. 
I ask my students to keep English papers and only English papers in the notebook because a notebook that holds papers from all subject areas is often an overstuffed 
mess by about November.